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Attorney Donague indicated that the case goes to trial in August, and that the Division‟s place is that the Lawes should be the adoptive selection. She acknowledged the complexity of this particular case, stating that it is her understanding that the Division wishes to adjust to statute in terms of placement of Arnes, and that this helps the division‟s place on adoption by the Lawes. Attorney Donague also revealed a pretty clear understanding of the position of the GAL. She supports the notion put forth by the Department that Arnes has attachment to the Lawes, as he has had contact with them for an extended time period.

opinion was not primarily based on damaging thoughts toward the Lawes, whom she described as a stunning household”, however somewhat was primarily based on her concern over Arnes‟s attachment to the Jellisons, and specifically to his biologically brother, Jeremy, who has already been adopted by the Jellisons.

Supervisor Mussie cited the statute below Part 22, part 4003 (three-A) whereby a child removed from the beginning mother and father due to danger to health or welfare ought to be placed with a relative as a substitute for foster care, when attainable. She said that the Department agrees with the GAL that both the Jellison and Lawe homes are suitable. She stated that the Lawes have been in Arnes‟s life for a substantial period, together with when Arnes was visiting together with his paternal grandmother on weekends. Since May 2011, Arnes has been spending weekends with the Lawes, and based on Ms. Mussie, this has been going properly. She characterised Arnes as having attachment to the Lawes in addition to the Jellisons.

If this is an article explaining the pros and cons, this may increasingly sound a bit more biased for my part. As I do prefer marriage over cohabitation, I could disagree with the last statement. Laws of nature is to reproduce, not keep collectively. I do prefer being together however I can see nature being without. We will see this act in other animals. They reproduce and find another mate.