Property Law 101: What Makes FHA Loan The Best Choice For You?

For many first-timers, they think that all mortgage loans are the same. However, if you look into it, there are many different types of mortgage loans to choose from. There are mortgage loans that are better than the other, depending on your situation. Therefore, if you are planning on taking out a mortgage loan to purchase your first house, you need to learn everything you can about them so you will make the best decision in choosing which one is the perfect type for you.

As a standard, there are two consequential types of mortgage loans, we have conventional loans, and we have the government-insured loans. The traditional model of credit is probably the most popular among them since it is easy to get approval. However, the benefits are not as good as the latter. With this loan, the standard down payment is twenty percent of the property cost. The …

What kind of Prescription Drug Crimes can I be charged with in Florida?

Criminal attorney

Crime related to prescription drugs is one of the fastest growing areas in law enforcement. As with other controlled substances, the law allows for a person to be charged with possession or trafficking. The latter involves the storage, transportation, or distribution of a large volume of prescription drugs.

Penalties for prescription drug trafficking in Florida are outrageously severe. Law enforcement and prosecutors have turned a legitimate public health concern into one more way of trying to keep up their arrest and conviction rates. They will look for any excuse to charge someone with trafficking rather than illegal possession because they know it makes for a better case in front of a jury.

If you have been arrested for any crime regarding prescription drugs, your first call should be to an attorney. Indeed, any contact you have with police regarding this issue should be followed up with a call to a …